Are the products available Instantly after purchase?

Yes. After purchase, the product key will be displaced immediately after payment is received and confirmed. Please note, some time there could be reasonable delays due to payment confirmations.

Where do I find the product keys?

The product key will be displayed on checkout page and on email used to checkout. If the product key is not displayed on checkout page or email, please send an email to support@vividgold.africa. Please check that you used correct email address when you made your purchase. Just in case, also check your spam folder. You can also check your orders in ‘My Order’ where all the information, including the key, is provided. Also check if the transaction was successful and you received a payment confirmation from our payment provider. If you still cannot find any information about the particular purchase please email support@vividgold.africa

Do I have a spend limit?

The daily limit is USD 1,000 - if you want to increase the daily limit please email us at support@vividgold.africa All orders above USD 1,000 – we will review your payment and generate the code manually.

Can I purchase product keys from any region?

SMS verification will be done upon checkout, If your country code is not listed, your region is therefore not permitted to buy / register on the platform, your region is restricted from purchase.

Why do I get an error that my IP address is blocked?

If you have received an error saying that your IP is blocked please make sure: You are not using VPN or Proxy. Clean cookies and cache. Try to use a different browser. You’re not trying to register/ use our page from restricted countries. If you have tried all of the above and still experiencing issues please email support@vividgold.africa

How do the Terms and Conditions Apply?

By placing your order, you must agree to our Terms and Conditions, checkbox, upon checkout. Terms and Conditions apply automatically once your order is completed, payment received and confirmed and product key displayed on checkout page or delivered via email.

How do I know I am buying the correct product key?

We are responsible for providing all the essential information (photos, detailed description) about our listing and making sure that this information is clear. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make certain that the information provided matches what they are looking for. Most, if not all Digital Content Products are based on specified regions / locations. You are advised to check and confirm your region account for the interested digital store.

Do I have to create an account to purchase?

No. You can easily start buying products from our platform without registration. Just pick a product that you like, put it to your cart and checkout. Simply do not check the [create an account] box on checkout page. We would recommend you to create an account if you want to track all of your purchases in one place since that would give you an access to your purchase library. Registration would also give you access to other features, thus you would be able to fully explore the platform.

What is the exchange policy?

We do not accept any exchanges of Digital products once the key is displayed to you on checkout page or delivered via email / sms / whats app.

What is the return policy?

Digital products are non-returnable and non-refundable once the digital keys has been displayed to you on checkout page or delivered via email/ sms / whats app.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of our digital products, we are only able to process a refund of a valid key [that has not yet been displayed on checkout page or delivered via email/ sms / what's app] which validates that you have not accessed the product key yet!

What should I do if my transaction has failed?

In case the transaction was rejected please make sure that: You have enough balance available; You have provided correct personal information;

What payment methods do you support?

The payment methods made available to you on the checkout page are limited by your region. If you don't see a specific payment method in the list, it means that, sadly, you won't be able to use it to complete a purchase. We accept Mobile Money, Digital Wallet, Mobile Banking, Card Payment and PayPal.

I got a message that my order was cancelled? What does that mean?

If you're getting this message it means that our system was not able to communicate with the system of the payment provider you've selected. This is not a problem from your side, so feel free to try again. If you see this message several times, it's possible that the payment provider you're trying to use is currently unavailable or down for maintenance. In which case, we would recommend that you try again at a later time or choose a different payment method. If the problem persists, please contact our support team by email support@vividgold.africa

I got a message that my order is processing? What does that mean?

If you see this message while trying to create an order with us, it means that, although the transaction process was started, the payment provider never received the necessary information to process the payment. If you have provided every necessary information and went through the necessary process to validate your payment and you still get this error, please consider the suggestions below: Try to make the transaction using the same browser but this time, using incognito mode; Clean your cookies or try using a different browser; Please make sure that you don't have any sort of software that can block data enabled at the moment of payment (VPN, AdBlocker, etc); If the problem persists after trying these suggestions, please contact our support team by email support@vividgold.africa

I got a message that my order is on hold? What does that mean?

If you see this message while trying to complete a payment with us, it means that the transaction is currently waiting for revision from the payment provider you've selected. The extent of this process can take up to 24hrs, depending on the payment provider you're using. Regardless of the time, it'll take, once the payment confirmation reaches us, the order will be completed automatically. If the problem persists for more than 24hrs, please contact our support team by email support@vividgold.africa

I got a message that my order is failed? What does that mean?

In some cases, the payment provider you're using may decline the transaction before any information is sent to us. This is normally connected to some restriction the payment method you're using may have, like in terms of international or online transactions, or even connected to a typo on the information you've provided. To try and avoid this problem, please keep these suggestions in mind: Please check your online setting and make sure that you are able to make international and online payments with the payment method you're using; Check all the information you've inputted and make sure that everything is accurate and up-to-date; Confirm that you have funds available in the payment method you're trying to use; Also, make sure you have 3D-Secure / One Time Pin active with your payment mode and make sure to use it while making your purchase.

I got a message that my order has been rejected? What does that mean?

It is possible that your order was rejected by our security system due to some discrepancies in the information received. Please take a look at these suggestions that we recommend you always keep in mind while paying to prevent this from happening: - Please make sure that your payment account is confirmed and secured by a password with high complexity and, preferably, with 2-step verification as well; - For security reasons, use the device and connection you normally use to connect to your payment account; - Make sure that your payment information, including your phone number, is correct and up-to-date; - Please use the correct email to register the purchase on our page.

Why does price vary from XE Foreign Exchange Rates?

XE Foreign Exchange Rates are Mid-Market Rates. The mid-market rate is the mid-point between the rate a currency can be bought or sold. These are not available to customers...not even XE can buy currency at this rate. Our rates are moderated by current bank rate.

Are discounted offered?

Yes. From time to time [occasionally but not regularly] we will offer discounts, that will be indicated as a strikethrough price, next to the list price. Savings will represent a discount off the List Price.

Why can't I view prices in my local currency?

Your region is not yet activated for local Geo IP pricing.

Why am I getting a message that the product key can not be delivered?

In some situations, like when your payment takes more than expected to be confirmed, our system may not be able to assign a key to our order automatically. If you see this message while trying to complete your order, please do not worry! All you have to do is contact our customer support via the Live Chat. They'll be able to confirm that the payment has reached us and will help you receive your redemption key.

How do I activate or redeem the product key?

You may have noticed that gift cards can be activated on different platforms. Please be aware that some gift cards might not be available globally or would work in particular regions only. You will find all of this information on the product page description. Make sure you choose the right region and suitable platform before processing your purchase. We also prepared you activation guide to make it simple, on all products within the specific product description section.

Why am I receiving an 'invalid' error message while trying to activate or redeem the product key?

If you receive an ‘invalid’ error message while trying to activate a gift card, do not worry. Make sure that: You are activating the gift card on appropriate platform; Double check if the code you typed in is correct; If you are certain that the above criteria are met and the key is still not working, simply email support@vividgold.africa or chat via live chat button.

Why am I receiving a message 'the code has already been used' while trying to activate or redeem the product key?

If you receive an error message that your code has already been used, please make sure to do the following: Before you submit a support request, try to log out from your account, and the log in again; Recheck your library, since it can take some time for gift card to appear in the list; If gift card will not appear in your library, contact our Support Team with all the details about your issue. In case your key is region locked, it means you purchased a gift card that is not supported in your region or country. Note: in all of these cases, when you contact the Support Team about your issue, please provide all the needed information, included screenshots of the error, to make the resolve as smooth and quick as possible

What next if I did not get answers I was looking for?

In case you cannot find the answers you're looking for in our FAQ, or if you are having some issues with your purchase, our Customer Support is available to help you resolve them. Depending on the issue or questions you’re having, you can contact us via Live Chat or email support@vividgold.africa. Provide us with as many details as you can which will lead to us resolving the query faster.

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